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Online Ad Checker (China Laws)
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Online Ad Checker (China Laws)

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Online Ad Checker

Online Ad Checker is an intelligent tool for the compliance review of advertising copywriting. Users will forthwith have an online report with risk points and legal tips including such particulars as advertising banned word tips, level of risk, punishment basis and punishment scope and cited cases, by choosing the industry and the geographical scope involved and then submitting the ad copy in text or image form to the AD Checker.

Wolters Kluwer Group, a professional information service provider, together with senior experts from industry and commerce administration who have been engaged in advertising check for many years, effectively help companies control advertising risks with specialist experience in combined with massive cases and big data analysis.

Why You Need Online Ad Checker

  • The current Advertising Laws in China is referred as the most stringent Advertising Laws ever in China's legal history. Advertisers may easily violate local laws and regulations, facing large amounts of monetary penalty.
  • Currently there is no centralized database for a comprehensive consolidation of related laws and regulations. And for different industries, there are specific hidden rules which cannot be located easily online
  • Administrative penalty cases for Advertising Laws are not easily searchable for reference
  • Very high costs for manual checking on legal compliance of various advertising copy in text and images. Failure to do so will tremendously increase compliance risks for ads in China

AI Technology with Big Data Integration

As the leading digital information provider around the globe, Wolters Kluwer combines laws with technology and has invested a huge amount on AI technology innovation. Users of Online Ad Checker can first submit their ad copy in text or images. With a simple click, our AI legal system will generate ad compliance information including: sensitive or banned words, risk levels, penalty reference, penalty details, relevant cases. With in-built machine learning mechanism, lawyers can instantly receive the most relevant and value-added legal answers, instead of receiving thousands of search results with the traditional legal databases.

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Submit Online and Receive Report in One Click

With the intelligent audit tool, all you need to do is to submit your ad copy online in the form of text / image, and immediately receive legal compliance risk reports.

Compliance Risk All at a Glance

With quantified assessment on the advertisement's legal compliance risk level, precise screening of risk factors, and highlights on non-compliant points, an all-in-one legal report is ready instantly. For user-friendliness, the risk level is categorized into three levels: Banned, Highly Risky, Required Evidence. You can fully understand the risk associated with specific wordings in the most comprehensive way.

Legal Expertise

Wolters Kluwer has been collaborating with senior legal professionals in various governmental departments to ensure corporates and lawyers can minimize compliance risk on all kinds of advertisements. With Big Data Analysis, Online Ad Checker can help you save time and money while minimizing your legal risks.

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Industries Covered

  • Fashion
  • Baby, Kids & Maternity
  • Health Supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Real Estates
  • Legal / Tax & Accounting / Consulting
  • Electronic Appliances (non-medical)
  • Television / Cultural / Entertainment
  • Drug / Medical Devices
  • Cars
  • Education / Training
  • Information Service
  • Furnitures
  • Food (exclude health supplement)
  • Medical Institutions / Medical Service
  • Travel
  • Investment
  • Others

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